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Superbreaker – Two Times (UNB002)

Artist · Superbreaker

Title · Two Times
Catalog Number · UNB002
Release Date · 2021, 3 Sep Beatport / 1 Oct worldwide

The second release of UnBeat Records is here, bringing more styles and nuances to our catalogue. Superbreaker is once again the protagonist and this time brings a theme with an acid character and slow evolution.
A super forceful rhythmic base with a less electronic sound but without departing from the genre. Acidic sounds that never go out of style create a somewhat gloomy club atmosphere where you can twist your body and let off steam while dancing.
A song composed under the baton of an Akai hardware sequencer and some classic synthesizers such as the Roland JV2080 or a Yamaha CS1X. All this later mixed in a hybrid environment between digital and analog, obtaining a very desirable result.

Superbreaker – Imagination (UNB001)

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Artist · Superbreaker

Title · Imagination
Catalog Number · UNB001
Release Date · 2021, 30 July Beatport / 27 August worldwide

UnBeat Records arrives, a digital record label, dedicated to Breakbeat and covers a wide range of aspects.
The first reference represents a double premiere since, it is also the first reference of Superbreaker
The first reference is by Superbreaker. A pseudonym in front of an artist with a long career in electronics, dedicated to other styles and who now lets out all the groove that he has accumulated since he was young and that he has rarely let out.
Imagination is a Breakbeat track in the purest 90s style, full of nuances and nods to top songs.
Energy and fun in equal parts where a super forceful rhythm sweeps, giving way to several sirens and alarms that catch our attention. A track in constant evolution that provides guaranteed fun time.

Soul Intentions – Colored Lights (GRML031)

Soul Intentions – Colored Lights (GRML031)

After his last two eps on Mood Funk Records and Mr Nice Guy Records, Soul Intentons returns to Guerrilla Records, almost two years later, with a new epic loaded with rhythm and some sound nostalgia.

This release is made up of three original tracks entitled Blue Lights, Red Lights and White Lights. Three themes that, being different from each other, involve a subtle thread. Three themes that could perfectly share the same era, even sounding at different times of the same party. Certain rave air and nuances of nostalgia, invoke an old sonority.

Blue Lights is a clearly themed House theme, with a progression of synthetic chords in the purest American style.

Red Lights stands out for its rhythmic part, which refers to the English Hard Core of the 90s. Its effectiveness on the dance floor is more than proven, producing a certain tendency towards uncontrolled public.

White Lights ends the ep with a more groovy composition, within the margins of the Jackin. Syncopated boxes and hypnotic sounds create a fun and dynamic gear.

Soul Intentions – Fighter In Da House (GRML026)

Soul Intentions – Fighter In Da House (GRML026)

This is the first reference of Soul Intentions in our house. Soul Intentions is the pseudonym used by Matt Correa to create and play old-style music. This project is based exclusively on hardware during the composition and its staging. It is a way of going back to the roots of everything. More direct music, focused on the dance floor and with the intention of taking it to the stage.

In this single he presents two very powerful songs, with a raw and intense sound. House music taken from the deepest of his two Akai MPC2500 and his synthesizers of the 90s.

Fighter makes a nod to the arcade classic, remembering those contemporary afternoons of the videogame and the way in which things were done. It is a little thorn that is removed cause He always had in mind to use that sample of sound. It is a thorn that is removed since He always had in mind to use that sample of sound. In Da House also has a very powerful bass and in this case someone tells us the true essence of this musical style, from the point of view of Soul Intentions. In addition, an hypnotic melody traps us for a few minutes, making us dance without thinking about anything else than enjoying.