Menú Cerrar

Deep House of character, with an elegant touch of dance floor. Some of Funk, Disco, Jazz and Soul in an electronic environment, nostalgic but contemporary.

The original versions will be accompanied, at times, by nearby artists, friends and collaborators Remixes. We will also use this platform to showcase different musical trends such as Downtempo or Ambient, always in Remix format, and artistic trends such as graphic design, photography or painting, always as Covers of our references.

In short, Guerilla Records, is a new starting point for Matt Correa, from which express, unfiltered, his understanding of art

After more than 20 years dedicated to music and almost 10 since his first release, Matt Correa takes the initiative and decides to focus all his artistic at a single point, Guerrilla Records.

Since he launched his first vinyl, with Playing Cards Records in 2004, Matt Correa has worked with and for many artists such as Abel Ramos, Dj Bee or Alejandra Toledano. He has published in as many labels as Spinnin, Doorn, king Street, Moodfunk or GT2.

All this has led him to acquire extensive experience in the industry and expand his horizons by creating a platform to express his outlook on the industry and his deepest musical tastes. Without guidelines and barriers preset, Guerrilla Records will be the speaker to raise Matt Correa’s voice.

Ruben Zurita – Don´t Get Sleep Tonight (GRML032)

Ruben Zurita debuta en Guerrilla Records con un single que sigue la linea evolutiva de su carrera, llevándole, a día de hoy, a sonidos y grooves diferentes y, en ocasiones, alejados de la pista de baile pura.

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